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Lighting design bureau "Culture of Lighting" was founded in 2016 by Julia Zharkova and Sergey Zhigarev for the architectural lighting design, interior lighting design, urban and landscape lighting design.

To do all that you love is a power! That's why we created our company and that's why we are working at lighting design. We'd like to make the cities more comfortable and beautiful for citizens because we believe that the environment defines human consciousness!
Julia Zharkova
General Director
Julia graduated from Moscow Power Engineering Institute with degree in lighting engineering. She had a great job experience in international and well-known lighting companies such as OSRAM (the representative office of in Russia), Architectural Bureau LINE Architects. Julia worked with more than 100 projects of outdoor and interior lighting projects.
Sergey Zhigalev
Art Director
Aviation engineer by education, he started with graphic design in 2000 and then follow with lighting design.

By now Sergey is working in field of light design already 15 years
Ludmila Charikova
Lighting Designer
Lyudmila graduated from the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys with a degree in Design, was engaged in graphic design, advertising, photography.
Believes that lighting design is a great combination of creativity, utilitarianism and public benefit.
Maxim Zharkov
Lighting Designer
Maxim graduated from Arts University Bournemouth, and now we have in our team a real Bachelor of
Arts, Film Production, Cinematographer.
While studying he discovered that the work of a cameraman is 80% working with light. And the most of photos and videos of objects on our site was done by Maxim.
Alfiya Deviatkovskaya
Lighting Designer
Alfia graduated from Moscow Institute of World Economic with degree in Economic. She always dream about creative job and eventually found it in Culture of Lighting.
Since September 2017 she creating concepts for lighting projects, illustrating beautiful general lighting plans.
Irina Mikhailova
Financial Director
Irina graduated from the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University of Communication specialty "Kommersant".
She was engaged in the analysis of the financial and economic activities of organizations, financial planning and cash flow management. Irina masterfully conducts financial reporting and accounting.
Marie Vasileva
Business Development Manager
Marie graduated from Russian State University for the Humanities with degree in Humanities International Relationship.
She organized many different types of events and international events, developed personal projects and the restaurants in Moscow. She is a professional photographer and filmmaker.