Dune Playground
Architectural Lighting of Kid's Playgroud Space
Dune playground for residential estate "Malaya Ordynka 19" is based on principles of child-friendly playspaces. Playing every day child must have an opportunity to choose a game theme and change it as often as needed.
The regular set of play equipment on site of 100 sq.m is: a single swing, a small carousel and a sandpit. The whole world can be created in the same
space if we take into account the children's perception. Submarine, sand dunes, animal burrows in the garden, the hobbit valley – scenery depends only on the imagination of the child. Unidentified objects with intricate function force children to explore new purposes of it. The child is inspired with new world where anything can happen and the modern equipment is just a part of it.

Our lighting project can be described with just four words: "high quality, simple design". There is no need for special lighting effects in spaces like this, quite extraordinary by themselves, and all we decided to do was complementing the existing architecture gently with some strokes of light. But all the construction materials are rather expensive, good looking and long lasting, and so should be the lights - we relied on Luce&Light quality here.
Floodlighting of the chalkboard was initially intended to be linear, but projectors appeared to look much more playful. We integrated the functional lighting into the construction along the wall of the playground area. The wall is multifunctional: firstly it divides the area and as it's black like a blackboard children can paint on it. We used warm 3000K color temperature to make comfortable and cozy atmosphere.
There are living rooms, "task area" with periscope and quiet rooms inside the playground. We provided illumination in all areas. Inside the holes on the ceiling, flush recessed lights are installed. Smooth, cold glass surface with no sharp edges and low voltage make them safe for children. We illuminated entrances into the inside area with soft and warm light. That makes them more attractive and invites children to go inside.

Illuminance levels are about 40 lux on the chalkboard and 50 lux inside the holes.
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