The New Entrance
to Gorky Park
Arthitectural and Decoration lighting project
This project was done especially for WOWHaus architectural buro in 2018.
We put in this lighting project a lot of creativity. But when your country under the sanctions it is very difficult to realize the creative ideas. And to be honest this project could be in the list of other stamped and banal one. But architectures «ring the bell» in time.

And we've got a luck!

WOWHaus found the lighting as such an important part of those projects and they always ready to get some risks for the best result. The 90% of the luminaries were made for us by special design. As a result this fact helped us to get what exactly we want to see!

We also controlled the whole process from choosing material and lenses for the future luminaries to managing the logistic and montage on the place.
The lighting project for the New Entrace to the Gorky Park in Moscow
The main feature of the project is light filters. To get the unusual shades of colors you have to be very attentive with the tooling equipment and also take care on the correct work of luminaries afterwards.

For the lighting the main object of all composition which named Pergola we used cold white LED's luminaries with colored gel film on its. And that was absolutely right decision!

This project gave us a lot of the new knowledge and we hope that we presented the new comfortable and relaxing place for Muscovites.

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