The New Lighting
for Lesnaya Street
The lighting project for city program "My Street"

Photos by Maxim Zharkov

What we had to do:

1. Create a lighting design for business part of Lesnaya str. in Moscow with intensive traffic.
2. Create a lighting design for the walking part on Miusskaya str.
3. The lighting concept has to show the emotional part of the streets and should be different.
To solve this problem , very small lamps were fitted into the metal column and it add the external light for the walking areas and also help to manage the accent lighting for MAF.
Our main attention in project for Lesnaya str. was paid on economical and effectivity lighting. The decision was to use the only one metal construction which made from the standard street lighting metal column that was created for us by individual design. It gives us a possibility to organize function lighting for the Tram lines, lighting for walking areas and decorative lighting for MAF using only one light point. One of the problem was that the lighting columns and the building facades were located very close to each other on Lesnaya str. and excessive traffic light could harmful illuminate facades and windows.
В We chose another way for illuminating the streets near by Lesnaya str. ( Miusskaya str., 1st Miusskaya, 2nd Lesnoy line). Not very high decorative fixtures (4 m) were placed with 10m distance from each other on the both sides of the street. The style of these lighting fixtures complemented to the new style of the street after the reconstruction where now we can see comfortable walking areas with a lot of trees.

For the 2nd Miusskaya str. we chose another lighting concept. We'd like to highlight this street. For this reason we chose the park style fixtures which are very popular in many countries. This concept helped us to restore the relaxing and cozy street atmosphere.

As a result all 3 zones around Lesnaya str. now have different lighting design.

The lighting on Lesnaya str. are intensive bright, solid, well saturated and dynamic.

The lighting fixtures are evenly implementing in common environment of the streets.

The new illumination is not disturbing the people who are living in the buildings on these streets. Very calm Miusskaya str. and the lines near by are well illuminated by soft light. There is very comfortable illumination as for the pedestrians and for the drivers too.

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