Lighting Art Festival
in Gatchina 2018
The lighting installation Red Dwarf Star
We decided to create a Star for the Lighting Art Festival in Gatchina in St. Petersburg.

The theme of the festival was Paradox.

*PARADOX (from Greek «paradoxos» – unexpected, strange) – the situation or phenomenon which is can to be existed in the reality without any logic.
The meeting with paradox is beyond the limits of the possibilities and regulars from our life.
It helps us forget about our serious and massy position in the world when we absolutely sure how everything should looks like.
Everyone knows how the sunshine looks like and for sure see the red-purple coals in the fire. These simple phenomenons of nature couldn't be restored even with the last technologies equipment. And this is a paradox.

In our modern life we meet RBG almost everywhere. For many of us the RED color means is only 610.
We can meet this RED everywhere – in traffic lights, in TVs etc.

The main idea of the Red Dwarf is to presenting for everyone the happiness of enjoying the deep and uncommon shades of Red Colour.
The heart of the Dwarf was done with LED Lumileds LUXEON Color C. We used four shades of Red:
620, 630, 665 и 735 нм.
Красный карлик на фестивале "Ночь Света" в Гатчине (2018)
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