Kremlin Embankment in Tula
Renovation of the embankment and pedestrian zones

Photo on the background by Alexey Gorokhov
The project for the Embankment in Tula is included the lighting designs for several zones: City Park, Green Park near by Kremlin, Sports and Playground for Kids. For the walking Embankment which is connecting all these zones we are using luminaries with very soft and warm light. The Torcheres were placed with equal interval from each other.
Sportive area and Playground for Kids
was lighting by luminaries for the bright and even light. We placed the columns with lights, added the accent light to the walkways and set decorative bollards to the zone for relaxing.
Accent lighting helped us to create the unique atmosphere for each area.
The Park lighting was integrated in landshaft
The lighting concept for the Green Park around the Kremlin is based on the fixtures which we placed in the grass and flowers on the ground. The bottom part of the bridge got a local illumination. The illumination for the Kremlin walls looks soft and warm.
The City Park
In the City Park we put accent illumination to the benches, trees and fountains. The main lighting for the area with labyrinths we placed columns with fixtures.
Metallistov street, Krestovozdvizhenskaya Square, Courtyard of Mosin
In this project we paid a lot of attention on the healthy and comfortable illumination. For Metallistov street we chose Torcheres (30 vatt) with neutral temperature of lighting (4000K) with round symmetric optic and placed it in chessboard method. The Torcheres gave the bright lighting to the central part of the street and keep the sides in a shade. The Torcheres which places between the trees also help to add the beautiful accent lighting to the leaves.
The optimal height of the Torcheres is 3 m. what is comfortable for the people and complementing to historical architecture of the city. The distance between lamps is 8 – 10 m what is equal to the distance between the trees. The output power for the lights is not high – 30 Vatt.

As the result we created the lines of the lights where the citizens could feel themselves comfortable and relaxing.

In this project we used the equipment by international companies: iGuzzini, Platek, Artemide, SLV, LineaLight, Arlight. Torcheres were produced in Russia.
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